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Learn about the Medical Marijuana Industry in Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City and nearby cities! These cities are making the Coachella Valley, the Alternative Medicine Cultivation Capital of Southern California

As you know Healthcare costs continue to rise.  According to the CDC, Prescription drug Overdose Deaths increased 

  • 2016 69,000
  • 2017 72,000

Thousands of Americans dead from Big Pharma!! No Apology and No Options?

 There is One and its been here for Centuries! Cannabis!

Gone, is the Stigma of "REEFER MADNESS" 

 The Chinese Empire used "weed" for a number of health benefits for over 1000 years!

 So many ways to medicate and improve your health with Cannabis.

  •  Fight Disease!
  •  Lower Blood Sugar!
  •  Relieve Swollen Muscles! 
  • Arthritis!
  •  Seizures! 
  • Joint Pain! 
  • Skin Care Issues!
  •  The Science is Here

 CVBudz.com  created a Wellness Center to showcase licensed Collectives , Product Makers , Delivery Services, and even learn how to grow your own medicine! Truth for the public! We also gather Information to help Educate yourself, as the Industry changes and improves!

  2018, and Recreational and Medical use of Cannabis IS legal for anyone 21 years and older across the entire State of California as well as CANADA! So get the info you need to make it easier to locate your medicine here in the Coachella Valley and California

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Please check your State and Country Laws before trying this Alternative Medicine!

Save Your Internal Organs

It is time to save your body from the damaging affects of pill form pain killers, opiates and other organ destroying drugs. "Mary Jane" is not a drug, its a plant grown on the earth for people like us. Alleviate a number of aliments thru inhaling, edibles,  rubs, and oils for Overall Health! 

A Very effective internal Medicine is CBD Oil! Studies have shown promising results for all types of health related symptoms! Read Here.

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